1. Where do I meet the boat? Your meeting place will be determined by where you are staying. If you are staying on Paradise Island or eastern Nassau you can meet the boat at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal where Margaritaville is located. If you are staying in the western area of Nassau you can meet your boat at the Price George Warf in downtown just behind the straw market. Please be sure you are meeting us as the location specified in your confirmation email.

  2. Is there parking near the dock? At both meeting locations mentioned above the parking is very limited. It is advised that you catch a cab to the dock. In the event that you prefer to drive, we suggest arriving a bit earlier to be sure you can find nearby parking.

  3. Can I take the fish with me? Of course! If you catch fish on your charter and would like to take it with you just let your crew know. They can clean and bag the fish for you.

  4. Is there somewhere you can take me that will cook my catch? Yes, there are two places we would recommend to have your catch cooked. Footprints Beach Bar on Rose Island or Green Parrot Nassau. In the case of Footprints, this can be done during your charter time if time permits. In the case of Green Parrot, the boat can drop you off here at the end of your charter time. You will then have to arrange to get back to your hotel or car on your own.

  5. Are there any fishing permits needed? There are no permits needed. 

  6. What can I catch on my charter?  Take a look at our inshore fishing calendar and our offshore fishing calendar to give you an idea of what you would be targeting depending on the time of year.

Brown's Boat Basin

Nassau, Bahamas



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